High Museum of Art: Films

Five Questions for Matthew Bernstein by Linda Dubler
Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein

Matthew Bernstein is professor, chair and director of the Graduate Film Studies Program at Emory University. For twelve years he has introduced and led discussions as host of the  Cinema Club, which now meets at the Midtown Art Cinema on Sunday mornings. He is active in the Atlanta Jewish Film Festival and is the author of  Screening a Lynching: The Leo Frank Case on Film and Television (2009) and Walter Wanger, Hollywood Independent (2000) among many works. He recently answered five questions for us.

Linda Dubler: Is there a movie that changed your life?

Matthew Bernstein: Too many to count.   But Jean Renoir’s The Rules of the Game really made me realize how amazingly complex and profound movies could be.  My first movie date with my wife, shortly after we met, was Last Tango in Paris.

Jean Renoir's The Rules of the Game

Linda: What’s the first film you remember seeing?

Matthew: The Ipress File.  I was scared to death by the torture scenes with Michael Caine at the end.

Linda: Who’s the most underrated director of the past decade?

Matthew:  Hmmmm.  Todd Fields.  Todd Haynes?  Susanne Bier?

Linda: Would you share with us  your favorite reviewers/critics/blogs/movie resources?

Matthew: A.O. Scott, Manola Darhgis, David Denby, Kenneth Turan, Eleanor Ringel.

Linda: Five movies that Films at the High audience members should see this year?

Matthew: District 9 (if they can stand it); Up; Lemon Tree; Food, Inc.; The Wave; Everlasting Moments.

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