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Opening this Weekend: Danish Film Festival by hmablogmaster
January 20, 2010, 6:01 pm
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Our annual Danish Film Festival begins this Friday. Learn more here or check out reviews by Curt Holman in Creative Loafing this week:

Slick suspense defines Danish Film Festival

During the mid-1990s, a vow of chastity turned up the heat on Danish cinema.

In 1995, the Dogme 95 movement called on filmmakers to reject cinematic artifice and work under 10 aesthetic restrictions, including only using natural lighting, locations and hand-held cameras, etc. The movement essentially required directors to focus on the story and acting, rather than special effects and other narrative distractions. Whether or not the Dogme vow made films more inherently “truthful” remains an open question, but it clearly provided for a vibrant, creative period and sense of shared endeavor.

Dogme films tapered off by the early 2000s. Today, Danish filmmakers seem to revel in throwing out their chastity rings and embracing the slickest aspects of the cinematic craft.

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