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Racing Dreams by Linda Dubler
May 25, 2010, 12:11 pm
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It’s a stretch to go from the gorgeous machines in The Allure of the Automobile to Nascar racing, but limber up and then run to area theaters before Friday, May 28th, to catch the terrific documentary Racing Dreams. If you can’t make it, or read this after the movie’s closed, add it to your DVD list and keep an eye out — it’s that good. 

Annabeth in Racing Dreams


Made by Marshall Curry, Racing Dreams is a portrait of three young kids intoxicated by speed, who race in the World Karting Association’s National Series, driving open-topped vehicles at speeds of 70 and 80 miles per hour. Josh, 12, is a control freak who seems a tad joyless and talks like he’s got major endorsement contracts; Annabeth, 11, speaks with a  North Carolina twang but don’t sell the girl short — she’s gunning to be a Nascar champion; and Brandon, 13, is a daredevil whose challenges include a temper as flammable as gasoline and parents who’ve chosen drugs and crime over caring for their son. The fillmakers follow this trio through five races, and capture on screen the first stirrings of puppy love, the tough choices their parents and grandparents are forced to make, and the competitive spark that fuels these would-be winners. 

Racing Dreams is perfect for family viewing  — it held the attention of my 21-year-old son, and I’ll bet that kids who are the same age as those on screen would be riveted.  Besides, what other movie has been called Catcher in the Rye , part Talladega Nights?  Here’s the trailer: 

Linda Dubler

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