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Apocalypse Now: Film Mavens’ Picks by Linda Dubler

Continuing with the theme pulled from Misrach’s On The Beach exhibition, my film world colleagues contributed these suggestions for outstanding apocalyptic and post-apocalyptic movies.
Linda Dubler

From Bruce Fletcher, Idaho International Film Festival

Things To Come
Panic in Year Zero

La Jetee
No Blade of Grass

No Blade of Grass:  “And then one day the polluted Earth could take no more.” So begins No Blade of Grass, director, co-writer and producer Cornel Wilde’s adaptation of The Death of Grass by John Christopher. Wilde’s too little-seen (yet very influential) dystopian nightmare gets bleaker (and more brutal) soon thereafter.  A global viral pandemic has killed all the cereal grasses causing global starvation and the total collapse of civilization. Nigel Hawthorne leads a ragtag band of survivors across Northern England as they scavenge for food, kill to live, and fend off marauding biker gangs. “Yesterday, they were decent people letting their environment die. Now they are savages, killing to keep themselves alive.”

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