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In the Garden, YouTube Pt. 2 by Linda Dubler
August 21, 2009, 11:33 am
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In honor of our final weekend of Monet Water Lilies, another batch of garden-inspired YouTube treasures. Giant veggies from Alaska, another gem from Sir Richard Attenborough —¬†carniverous pitcher plants —¬†and a monarch butterfly caterpillar munching away.

Find tickets and information about the Monet exhibition on High.org; it closes Sunday, August 23.

– Linda Dubler

In The Garden, You Tube Pt. 1 by Linda Dubler

Monet Water Lilies is closing at the High on August 23. In honor of its final weeks here, I’ve looked for unusual YouTube videos that feature a garden theme. Without further ado: bees, giant Amazonian water lilies (see 1-foot blossoms at minute 2:00), and an avant-garde lesson in cross pollination from Bill Nye.